Tuesday, June 9, 2009

074 morning

look at the traffic.... yummy! it's our lovely Jalan Ampera in the morning, and all the time, i guess.

yesterday, Monday 8th June 2009 is skipped, so i would gathered 364 photos, not 365, since i made disaster by the photo.

Monday, June 8, 2009

073 Identity Crisis

this shop sells a lotta t-shist with original DC character. i saw a lotta Wonder Womans t-shirts there. cool!

072 wedding in CILEDUG

i went to wedding invitation on CILEDUG!!!! (D'OH) ahaha i got my friend, Ando's car ride. we're lost, in traffic, and traffficc. after that, Ando pushed me to accompany him buy 21 movie tickets and to Celebrity Fitness. how lame ahaha.

071 keep on eating

in the middle of the meeting, i got maagh. ouch, it's bloody hurt. i guessed, it's caused by streesfull, concentration, and anxiety during the meeting (but relieved after, since i got good answer for my anxiety). i swallowed my pill (Mylanta maagh medicine) and grab some cookies on the table (client's cookies). it didn't work. after the meeting, i walked accross the building, to the Pacific Place mall. i eat spaghetti, it didn't work (of course!) my bf came to me, then we waited till 9 A.M and go home by taxi (so that we didn't catch f-traffic ;)

*it's last week story, actually..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

070 the breakfast

cute talam cake, isn't it?!

069 keep on sour!

yeayh, we keep on sour with who else, Sally and my fella, Danang Narcist bandit, and his lovely cousin, Arien. other photos on my FB.

068 reach the star

ding! 26th floor.. it's for people who reach to the star company ;">